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(Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging [D.I.T.I.])

Thermography is a non-invasive clinical imaging procedure. It detects and monitors a number of diseases and physical injuries by showing thermal abnormalities. Internal inflammation is vented out the skin, so the location and patterns of heat and cold on the skin shown by thermography provide a visual map of inflammation and heat irregularities in the body. From this, practitioners can pinpoint the location and severity of a variety of problems.


X-ray, C.T. Ultrasound and MRI are all tests of anatomy that measure the structure of the body. In contrast, thermography is unique in its capacity to show physiological change and metabolic processes. You can actually see if your leg pain is caused by a herniated disc or by your hip arthritis. White indicates the most severe inflammation, followed by red. Black is the coldest, indicating nerve impingement.

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Thermography Success Stories

One patient came in with chronic stomach pain. She had years of tests, and doctors finally told her the pain was all in her head. Through thermography we found the source of her pain. It was a back problem, pinching a nerve that ran around to her stomach. After correct treatment to the source of her problem, she is pain free.


Another patient came in with extreme Achilles tendon damage and pain. She had been doing active treatment for two years with no relief. Thermography showed a nerve impingement elsewhere that was affecting the tendon. If she would have only had D.I.T.I. earlier she would not have wasted two years of treatments to the wrong area.


After suffering years with fibrocystic breast and numerous negative biopsies, a patient followed her thermography recommendations and now is free of fibrocystic breast disease.


Another patient decided to try thermography before undergoing surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. His thermography indicated tendonitis in his brachiiplexis -- not carpal tunnel. Thanks to thermography, he did not undergo an unnecessary and unsuccessful surgery. We treated his brachiiplexis and he is now “carpal tunnel” free.


Thermography Pictures and Printouts

With your thermography screening you will get a copy of your pictures with all your health issues circled and labeled for you.  You will also get a printout listing the identified conditions, along with a list of things you can do to move yourself back to optimal health.

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Thermography and Breast Health Screening

We also do breast health screening, which offers an opportunity for early detection of breast disease.  Thermography detects the subtle physiologic changes that accompany breast pathology, whether it is cancer, fibrocystic disease, an infection, or vascular disease.  This allows you to practice natural breast health and cancer prevention.


Thermography and Breast Health Screening

We suggest a full body scan before beginning treatment at MPTC.  The information will help us to focus on the areas that need immediate attention.  It will also help us to see other issues that may affect your treatment progress so that we can work on your entire system, rather than symptom-by-symptom.  A full body thermography is recommended yearly as part of your regular health screening process.  With this information, you can track changes in your body and address problems before they become health crises.

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Equine Thermography

We also do equine thermography so your horse can tell you exactly where it hurts.

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