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Nutritional Hair Analysis


Receive a complete test using only your hair.

Hair Analysis

It includes a complete graph of mineral levels and ratios, dietary suggestions, and supplement recommendations. We will review the report with you to help you understand both the results and the recommendations.


For best results we suggest that you follow all of the report’s recommendations for three months, and then go on a high-quality vitamin and mineral supplement. If some minerals were severely out of balance, we will mark those as problem areas to watch and address again if necessary.


Information from nutritional hair analysis has been used to decrease aches and pains, improve low energy and fatigue problems, grow hair back, help with ADD in children, and conceive when it did not seem possible. It is also recommended if you want to design a plan for weight loss. The report will provide you with a list of food recommendations customized to your individual metabolism, listing the specific foods that will help you to lose weight and stay healthy.


Hair analysis is a diagnostic tool that is useful for anyone at any age. It takes the guesswork out of vitamin and mineral recommendations, and helps to pinpoint imbalances and problem areas. We recommend it every year or two to help patients understand their nutritional needs and stop illnesses or diseases before they become chronic.

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Nutritional hair analysis is an analytical test that measures the mineral content of the hair tissue. We cut several samples of your hair and send it to a laboratory where it is analyzed for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and excesses, toxic metal accumulations, and nutritional imbalances.


You will receive a complete test report on the results. The report provides a blueprint of the biochemistry that occurred in your body during the entire period of hair growth and development, usually over your last three months.

hair_analysis Sample Test Report Introduction To Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

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